About Us . . . 

JUSBRI Designs has been in operation for over five years.  Our chief designer, Heather Saunders, has been involved in many artistic endeavors throughout the past 30 years including hand-crafted custom fabrics, eyeglass accessories, jewelry design and manufacturing.  

An important new development in the evolution of JUSBRI Designs is the inclusion of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) metal working technology in the design and manufacturing process.  PMC is one of the most remarkable developments in metal working since lost wax casting was developed thousands of years ago!  PMC is available in fine silver (99.9%) and 22K gold.  

Heather Saunders, Chief Designer . . . 

My business was created out of a desire . . . to do something artistic. What could I do?  I started knitting at the age of 10 and branched out to sewing tea cozies at the ripe old age of 11.  Time seemed to stand still and I did not pursue my creative urge until after my two children were in middle school . . . and I once again, felt the need to expand my creative horizons.  Surface design piqued my interest and I discovered hand-dyeing fabrics, building upon surface texture, and then taking that fabric and making articles of clothing.  

I named my business at this point, after my two sons . . . JUStin and BRIan . . . because they have inspired me to be the best that I can be and they have supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

Somewhere along the journey I decided I needed to do something a little more "portable" and thus my jewelry designs became a reality.  I have loved working with metals, stones and textures . . . taking all that I have learned from my past endeavors and putting those ideas into my artistic process.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the progression as new designs continue to evolve. 

Fozzie Bear, Studio Assistant

Fozzie Bear is the "Chief Critic" of our design process . . . giving a "paws up" or a "paws down" to each of our prototype designs.  He also “guards” our design and manufacturing workshop, insures that the product inventory is safe and secure . . . and, that shipping and handling is on time and well!  Woof!!

 Pat O'Brien, Designer and Business Operations

At the age of 14, I worked as an apprentice for a Master Manufacturing Jeweler in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For two years I engaged in activities from jewelry repair of all kinds to finishing of gold and platinum ring castings . . . preparing them for the Master to set the precious stones.  College and 45 years in the Computer Industry interrupted my jewelry career.  I'm deligted to be back . . . to handle the "business side" of JUSBRI Designs . . . and, to be engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of JUSBRI Products.  In addition to “lessons learned along the way” . . . I am a Certified Artisan working in Precious Metal Clay.

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